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Best Demat App For Android For Beginners


In our country, in recent years we have seen a sudden rise in trading apps. The Demat app for android and other phones is used for stock trade. Investors and traders can use this app in the stock market within a few minutes. This smartphone app made investing and trading not only more accessible but also more affordable for the common people. Majorly all the leading stock broker in India have their trading app with excellent features and a user-friendly interface.

Finding the best Demat app for android in the year 2022 is not so easy. With the proper research and guidance, we can choose the proper trading to achieve proper professional goals. So choosing the best online trading app you need to have to see some ratio. 

Now almost all brokerage apps provide to trade in stock and invest in different financial instruments. In India, an app that is suitable for trading and investing is the IIFL Market app by the IIFL Securities. This app never fails its client to provide the best service and different trading strategies. An article discusses the market app and its features offered by them. 

Before learning about the trading app we need to understand the Demat account. A Demat account lets you convert your shares and other securities into an electronic form and securely store them. So unlike a bank account, a Demat account holds your securities and keeps them safe under a single roof. So a Demat account and trading is a co-related accounts you also need a bank account with this account to transfer your funds. 

Having a Demat account let you some advantages some of which are

Freezing account: If you want to take a full stop from trading or investing then you can simply freeze your account for several months without trading.

Loan collateral:  You can take a loan and keep your holding as collateral easily.

E- Facility:  With an electronic Demat account you can have electronic management of electronic Demat with a complete remote process.

A trading app lets you fulfil each and every trading problem. There are a few points that you can check before selecting a trading app.

Safe wallet: As we know the Demat account is a safe wallet for your financial securities. You can use a trading app that tells you more about your holding such as your investment and returns and sector where you invest your money etc.

Instant Service:  With the Demat account, securities transactions are processed instantly and investors can enjoy super-fast trade with just one click from their smartphone or computer device.

Zero stamp charges: In the era of new technology Demat account does not involve additional paperwork, instead, a user can save their money on stamp duty charges and on the transfer of shares. With this, facility users can save a lot in their daily trades.

No minimum charges:  There are no worries about maintaining a minimum balance for your Demat account. You can have any number of shares it can be one to a thousand shares or other securities in your Demat account. The standard maintenance charges are also low for each trader irrespective of their size of shareholding.

 To make your search easy we can use a IIFL Securities online trading app. This mobile app is a one-stop solution for stocks, mutual funds, IPOs etc. It has become a popular choice for many users in India. It has served more than 20 years of experience to provide financial products and services for its end users.

The reason why to choose IIFL Securities online trading app

  1. It provides in-depth market research and the latest news.
  2. You get a mobile, web-based trading platform.
  3. Users also get a price alert feature that notifies the movement of stock.
  4. You can simply pay from a debit card, credit card or UPI payment options.


An IIFL market app is the best trading app. It has around seven million downloads from Google Play Store and Apple app store. There are many offers and perk offered by them. You also get a free AMC for your Demat account for the initial one year. Open a free Demat account and trading account. These apps make investing and trading affording for the common people. It is a way to make your money work for you. So as a professional trader or a student both can take benefit of the financial market.

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