Finding an SEO Consultant to Work With


There are a variety of factors to think about before hiring an SEO consultant Birmingham. Quality SEO is still the most profitable marketing, even more so than word-of-mouth. However, you must make the appropriate option because you are about to begin a long-term enterprise and will invest your children’s inheritance effectively. The following are some important considerations that should guide your choice.

Are they using accepted methods?

Taking the “best practices” route to SEO ensures consistent, long-lasting results while keeping your business name out of any negative light. Search engines like Google provide preferential treatment to high-quality websites, so those that adhere to best practices are rewarded. Failure to adhere to accepted online standards may damage your company’s credibility and customer base.

How user-friendly are their methods?

A smart SEO consultant would prioritize site visitors above search engines when making decisions about design and usability. This is because search engines prioritize sites that are easy to navigate and purchase from.

For optimal results, your SEO expert must strike a balance between the two, as either might negatively impact the user experience. To what end is traffic being driven to a complicated website?

How concerned are they with quality vs. quantity?

The success of your website depends on more than simply the quantity of visits, and any good SEO expert will know this. To rephrase, it’s not about how many people you invite but who you invite to a party.

The consultant’s efforts should be directed at boosting sales rather than merely traffic. They should do thorough keyword research and competitive analysis to determine which phrases will bring in the most revenue and which ones they should avoid.

To what extent do these plans pay for what services?

Although it may seem simple, you should specify from the outset what responsibilities your SEO consultant will take on. The quantity and quality of inbound links to your site account for around 90 percent of Google’s ranking formula.

That’s why link building deserves the most of your time and energy regarding SEO (around 90%). On the other hand, many national SEO services will gloss over this and tell you that you need to increase your link count. In addition to the money you pay your SEO consultant each month, you may spend two to three days a month on link development.

What is the cost?

Despite the seeming simplicity of the question, you should be careful of any search engine optimization (SEO) professional that promises to boost your website’s ranks for less than £50 to £100 per month. You should consider how long people will spend on your website if they pay that amount.

Then, keep in mind that an hourly rate of £50 is average for a professional hair stylist. Without meaning to disparage hairdressers, even the simplest SEO efforts require at least 1–2 days of person-hours per month, while campaigns in highly competitive online industries are likely to take 5–10 days per month.


As the last point, think about how your potential SEO specialists operate. They don’t have to be someone you’d want to have a beer with, but it helps if you get along with them. As search engine optimization is an ongoing activity, you and your partner may collaborate for a long time.

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