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Improve your company’s server infrastructure with Dell’s winter promotions


Currently, Dell is holding its winter sales and offering a wide range of promotions on its server catalog. Savings that can amount to up to 42% depending on the model. We explain how to take advantage of these rare reductions on generally expensive models.

If Dell is a well-known brand for its consumer computers, it is also a manufacturer recognized by professionals and network managers. In addition to machines specifically designed for the needs of creatives or mobile workers, Dell offers a whole range of servers aimed at small (or very small) and medium-sized businesses.

On the occasion of the winter sales, the manufacturer offers you to discover a wide range of products on sale. Type of servers or processor, hard disk format, RAID 0.1 or 5, we take a look at the offers currently available from Dell .

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In terms of servers, Dell offers two types of models, which are the subject of these winter sales and which we invite you to discover below.

First, you will be able to discover tower servers , which as their name suggests, come in the form of a box similar to that of a PC. Due to its small footprint, ease of installation and use, this type of server is ideal for smaller businesses and freelancers. It also has the double advantage of being silent and not overheating, which is a plus for smaller structures. This type of servers is essentially devoted to storage purposes .

You will then be able to discover rack type servers . The latter are presented as trays to be inserted into a server rack and offer a wider range of functionalities, depending on the type of use sought. If this type of server can also be used to store data, it also allows the virtualization of workstations, the hosting of applications or even the management of streaming flows. These are servers that are intended more for small and medium-sized businesses that want to upgrade their IT infrastructure , or that have specific needs .

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One of the most common uses of a server is undoubtedly the hosting of data, whether documents, various files or the database. When choosing this type of server, it is important to check its storage capacity, read and write speed, as well as its RAID configuration.

To ensure the security of your data, it will be better to opt for a server in RAID 1 which will create several images of the stored content in order to compensate for a possible failure of one of the storage media. The Raid 5 can also be a good choice if you want to ensure your data without cutting back on the power and speed of your servers.

As such, a server like the Smart Value PowerEdge T150 Topseller is an excellent choice. This tower server configured in RAID 1 and benefiting from 16 GB of RAM will provide you with an excellent base for storing all your sensitive data. Simple and flexible, it is ideal as a first server. Generally sold for €1,949.56, it currently benefits from a 30% reduction, which will allow you to get it at €1,372.49, or €1,143.74 excluding tax .


Beyond data storage, a server can fulfill many roles within a business. This is, for example, an excellent way to host virtual machines. Understand by this that a single server can host several servers or virtual machines within it, in a secure environment. In addition to limiting physical machines, this makes it possible, for example, to offer all your employees access to a work environment wherever they are (which is ideal for teleworking, for example).

In the same vein, a server can also be used to host one or more applications in order to make them accessible to several collaborators and/or customers. An extremely practical and necessary use within the framework of a company offering, for example, online services. Finally, be aware that a server can also make it possible to offer remote computing power to support certain resource-intensive applications. This could, for example, allow you to speed up rendering times on large video projects, or 3D modeling.

The common point of all these uses is undoubtedly the need for computing power and speed of execution. It will therefore be necessary to give maximum priority to servers with good processors and a maximum of RAM. It will also be important to opt for a RAID configuration focused on performance rather than redundancy, such as RAID 0 or RAID 6 or RAID 10.

In this context, a server like the Smart Value PowerEdge R750 Basic is perfect for this type of use. It is currently offered on sale at 4128.49 euros instead of 6,470.99 € – or 3440.41 euros excluding tax. This represents a reduction of 36%.

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