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One in every four people has a disability in the world, and sadly, out of the 350 million websites in the USA, only 2% of this number is accessible. Users with disabilities have a legal right to access every website online, which has been mandated by the ADA and WCAG 2.1 guidelines in the USA. Non-compliance with these rules will cost companies dear as they will be liable to hefty fines and cumbersome lawsuits in court.

AccessiBe- reaching out to every user on the Internet

AccessiBe is an innovative tool that gives users a menu with different profiles of accessibility settings that can be customized for their individual needs. This tool aims to provide users with disabilities a seamless site browsing experience so they can carry out their intended tasks without hassles.

This tool is empowered with artificial intelligence technology, giving you a simple, automated, and immediate solution to help users with disabilities access your site and enjoy a seamless browsing experience.

Users with disabilities get the following benefits-

  1. An interface for screen readers targeted at blind users
  2. Keyboard navigation for users who cannot use a mouse or control with their fingers
  3. Focusing assistants to help people with reading challenges or cognitive disabilities
  4. Alterations to the fonts of the site, content scaling, linking highlights, color options, text magnifiers, and more options

Boosting the user experience 

The team behind creating this innovative tool believes that accessibility not only refers to compliance with legal mandates but also focuses on boosting the visitor’s experience of the site. One can easily access the tool’s menu from any mobile device or browser. The goal is to make the navigation and browsing experience enjoyable for every visitor to your site, irrespective of ability.

The installation process is simple and quick for business owners

The installation process of the tool is simple, and it just takes minutes. When you sign up for any subscription package under this tool, you will receive a line of JavaScript code that needs to be embedded in your site. Since the device is an accessibility overlay, it will sit on top of the site’s base code and not make any changes. When the tool is successfully installed, it will conduct a complete scan of your site to check its content and give you a report about the accessibility issues it detects. The tool will run a daily scan every 24 hours to identify accessibility issues. Even if you upload new content, it will ensure your site is fully compliant and accessible within 48 hours.

AccessiBe is the complete solution for all your business site’s web accessibility needs, which is why it is a credible market leader today. The tool works silently in the background and checks every line of content to ensure your site is ADA, WCAG compliant, and accessible to everyone who visits your site round-the-clock! The most significant advantage of this innovative tool is installing it on your site and forgetting about it altogether

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