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How to Make Use of Instagram to Advertise your YouTube Channel


Are you contemplating whether Instagram is a great platform to increase awareness about the existence of your YouTube channel?

Yes! Here’s why.

With more than one billion users active, Instagram has become one of the top platforms for business advertising.

Then is, the Instagram community is frequently watching commercial content as they browse the site.

Around 800 million people have at least one account for business. Many use it to stay informed about the latest promotions and products.

Therefore, you can count on it to gain significant publicity on the YouTube channel. You can get free Instagram likes on Mr.Insta if you want to up your Instagram game.

With around 600 videos uploaded onto YouTube every 10 minutes and the number of videos uploaded every 10 minutes, the battle is getting more serious every second, so let’s get down to work!

1. Be Careful with Your YouTube and Instagram Profiles.

If we’re looking to engage in extreme Instagram marketing, it is essential to ensure that you have the Instagram profile in good condition. Many people will want to check out your profile before visiting your YouTube channel. You should be able to find an appealing, attractive, and informative profile.

Here are some things to be aware of:

Be sure your Instagram account’s name isn’t adorned with spaces or dots. This makes it easier for you to keep track of and find later.

Create a brief but thorough biographical description of your profile. It’s a great way to let people know about the work you’re up to

The URL on your YouTube profile should be included in your bio. Of course, it is essential, but attempt to reduce it by using instruments like the Tiny URL or URL Shortener.

Make use of hashtags in your bio. If you’ve created an Instagram hashtag to promote your YouTube company, It should also be used in the Instagram bio.

This is an instance of a profile that covers most of the requirements mentioned above (the reason for which there’s no information about the person’s job because the person who owns this profile happens to be Andrew Rea, a well-known chef and filmmaker).

The next stop is the profile on YouTube. YouTube profile.

To create a positive first impression, you must ensure that each title and description, meta tag, and keyword has been optimized.

Its YouTube page Rea’s YouTube profile Rea is also a great one to feature here. The images are stunning and uniform the copy is easy to read and easy to read, as is the brand’s branding in line with Instagram.

To begin your promotion, you’ll require well-designed and optimized YouTube and Instagram profiles to use. The public needs to know that you’re aware of the ropes and your content is worthy of their attention.

2. Upload teaser videos and photos on Instagram

If you’re using YouTube, you’re likely aware of how crucial it is to release teasers to make people interested in new content. Instagram is a great channel to do this. You could create a brief teaser when advertising the product, an event, or anything else to send to your followers.

Here’s another video by Andrew Rea. In this post, he shares the details of the new video and asks viewers to visit the bio for the link.

Influencers on Instagram like Rea, who cater to an international audience, can also translate certain content that they post. For instance, they may welcome their followers or announce another language.

“The overwhelming majority of Instagram users are located outside of the United States,” states ErastoKaseja, head for international marketing analysis of the PickWriters. “So, it’s only natural that you should try to use the language of your followers once in a while to engage them.”

Be aware that an Instagram bio is an excellent opportunity to post the teaser’s URL. For instance, here’s the biography of Gordon Ramsay’s Instagram page, which invites viewers to view his latest film on YouTube.

3. Share Behind-the-Scenes Content

Content like the behind-the-scenes or bloopers is an effective way to get the interest of Instagram users and encourage them to know more. For instance, many users are curious about how well-known YouTubers make their videos and how the entire production process is conducted.

Engaging your followers behind the scenes and sharing enjoyable instances from the production process that makes you accessible will get more attention for the YouTube channel.

Here are some suggestions for content:

  • Snap a photo of your studio
  • Upload a video of you creating a video with the video editing software
  • Create a humorous moment that occurred during filming (a film blooper)

Your imagination will be the limit.

4. Get Attention with Instagram Stories

Stories on Instagram stories were a revolutionary feature for both private and business users. With 500 million active daily users, They are the perfect way to get more publicity, increase visitors to your website and even gather comments from followers.

Here are some tips about how you can use Instagram stories to help promote the YouTube channel:

  • Do a Q&A session in which you ask an inquiry about the most recent video
  • Find out from your followers what type of videos they’d like to view on your profile (provide several options, too.)
  • If you’re currently working on an exciting video, show an idea of the project to attract the attention
  • Create behind-the-scenes content that offers you at work on your videos.
  • Ask your followers to get their feedback and get suggestions for your videos.

Cristine Rotenberg is a well-known YouTuber, who has a channel titled Simply Nailogical, often uses stories for promoting new videos. For instance, here’s a funny story in which she shares the details of her upcoming video.

By using the See More feature at the bottom of the screen, viewers can access the video by simply tapping it up. It’s that easy and can bring users to your brand new content.

5. Engage with your followers on Instagram

Promoting the YouTube channels on Instagram shouldn’t be seen as a unidirectional communication. When users are engaged with the content and share their experiences, you get the chance to connect with them and develop connections.

Engaging with followers is more than just saying “Thank you” to the comments they post. While showing gratitude is crucial, engage by giving answers to their inquiries and inquiring about what topics they’d like more of in the future, and even recommending different content.

Check out how a single comment can boost engagement on the content. Keith Habersberger, a well-known YouTuber, is often a responder to the remarks posted by followers. One example received 632 likes and nine responses in three weeks.

People are more likely to follow your blog and stay engaged by you if you recognize your followers. Make sure you take the time to respond to comments and let your followers feel appreciated by their words.

6. Begin by Learning to Use Analytics

It’s great to promote; however, when you don’t take the time to monitor the effectiveness that you get from your Instagram marketing, it’s impossible to know if it’s helping you. For instance, you have to observe the differences in views between before and after the Instagram promotion to see whether the marketing campaign effectively brought more visitors to your site.

As YouTube offers very few basic analytics options, you should consider more sophisticated tools. For instance, one method to gain access to statistics on video views is TubeBuddy, a free plug-in that provides channel analytics.

Utilizing this helpful Chrome extension, you’ll be able to see performance metrics and analytics. You can even compare the popularity of your channel with other channels.

Instagram is a fantastic platform to promote YouTube channels. There are millions of people using it, and an array of ways to communicate content and communicate with your followers is one of the top marketing channels.

Start by creating the content for your YouTube and Instagram accounts and post great content that people would like to view. Monitor your analytics to see how you’re doing and develop the most compelling content.

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