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Top 5 Customizable and Printable Wedding Place Card Templates for 2023


We all have been in a situation where we will be attending a wedding, and in picking out our invitations, we got overwhelmed with all the options. The wedding invitations are not just an introduction to what’s going to be happening at the ceremony but also act as your first impression.

To help you feel safe, this article will cover the top 5 customizable and printable wedding place card templates for 2023. so, If you are searching for wedding place cards, look no further.

5 best Wedding Place Card Templates for 2023

01. Gold Frame Wedding Place Card Templates:

The gold frame is a class that is very different from most other styles of place cards. It would be best to go for the gold frames when you have a more classy wedding. The letters are bold, sharp, and beautiful.

To give this place card a more sophisticated look, remove the extra colors and stick to gold shades. Another great thing about this style of place card is that this style can be customized to suit your needs.

02. Rugged Autumn Wedding Place Card Templates:

The rugged autumn wedding place card Templates could be thought of as their own style. With the rough look, you get to convey that this is not a formal event. The roughness is a very distinct style, which is why it works well for fall weddings.

This rustic-looking card would be perfect for both men and women. You can also choose icons or pictures with sure looks to give the place card some personality. You can add some color to complement the woodland style and make it even more stylish.

03. Tropical LeavesĀ  Wedding Place Card Templates:

If you are considering having a tropical-themed wedding, the Tropical Leaves Wedding place card is the best choice. With a few colored leaves, the place card has a unique look. The leaves will help you convey some of your wedding themes and make the card look more tropical.

The colors used for this style of place card are made in such a way that they will work with most types of cards. You could also add pictures or icons to give your place cards that personal touch or style you want and need.

04. Dark Night Wedding Place Card Templates:

The dark night wedding place card templates are the most appropriate for an evening wedding. The dark stars and moon add an air of mystery to the event, which makes it perfect for a night wedding. This card looks great if you are having an evening wedding and want to give your guests that mysterious feeling.

This is a simple-looking place card with a few black shades added to it. Along with it, you could also use some different colored fonts to add more personality to your place cards.

05. Floral Background Wedding Place Card Templates:

The floral background wedding place card templates are perfect for summer weddings. The flowers are a wedding theme in and of itself. The colors in this card add to its uniqueness and make it stand out from the rest.

The background of this place card is also very unique as it looks like a canvas with different colored flowers on it. You can customize these cards and make them work better for your needs by adding icons or pictures you like.


In conclusion, the five best wedding place card templates for 2023 have been discussed above. If you need the best place cards for your wedding, each of these will serve you well. The designs are unique and creative, which is why they will only add to your event’s overall look and feel.

The five customizable and printable templates listed above will also work with almost all types of invitations as long as they look modern. You can also customize these by adding images or icons that show something about your wedding theme.

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